IV Salón del Manga de Bilbao

This weekend has left us very good taste.

Saturday early in the morning, we arrived at the room with games and t-shirts.

We prepare everything, we put on the shirts and the bobbing starts for us. At the very beginning there were already people waiting to practice with the Shogi.

Many people pass. As always, many were bitten by Hasami Shogi or playing Mushi.

At our side on Saturday they were Basauriko Gingkgo, Ajedrez y Go enseñando Go

There was a stand of martial arts thanks to Bujinkan Bilbao Dôjô in which there were many items used by ninjas and added.


El pequeño rincón de los juegos de mesa, a facebook group were interested in the Dobutsu Shogi. Space dedicated to knowing and teaching all kinds of board games for the little ones. From 2 years old to 99. Those games that we can enjoy with our children and not all of us know.

We hope to see you soon in some event.

The strong time comes

Starting tomorrow, June 15, 2018, the events begin to move more.

We will be this weekend at the Freak Festival of Vitoria.

We will arrive tomorrow but we will be only on Saturday morning giving cane.

On the other hand, on June 23 and 24 we will be in the Manga Room at the Euskalduna Palace, as always in the morning.

And this does not stop because the next month in July we will be the first Wednesday 4 and Friday 6 with an event organized by GazteKLUBA.

We hope to see you at some event.