SanJuuYori was born in January 2008 under the name of Shogi SanjuuYori Club, from the experience of several manganime fans who, after some years organizing various activities for the Otaku collective, intend to take a further step towards the cultural exchange with Japan and the diffusion of the Shogi throughout the state territory. Some of our members have already participated since 2005 in activities related to it within events throughout the state such as the Manga Salon in Barcelona, ​​the Expomanga in Madrid as well as several other smaller events in different locations.

In 2016 and after several years expanding the catalog of games in the activities organized by the club we decided to separate the exclusive activities of Shogi towards ASEJAS and we created the Ludica Association SanJuuYori (SanJuuYori or SJY for the friends) focusing this to the diffusion of the diverse Traditional Asian games of table, cards and the like.

Currently we collaborate with several associations and entities mainly in the area of ​​Vizcaya, although we can also be found in other locations, where we offer our workshops of various traditional Asian games and we hope soon to have a «fixed» place where we can also perform own activities.

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